Advanced Waste Water Treatment

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      Advanced Waste Water Treatment Methods

      Advanced waste water treatment methods are available to deal with all types of effluent. In some cases, traditional sewerage methods simply will not do: the waste calls for something more effective and specialised. Below, we are going to go over some examples of successful advanced treatment options for waste water.

      Different waste water treatment options are used depending on the specific goals, including various systems for the removal of toxic substances, dissolved solids, plant nutrients, BOD, and suspended solids. Let’s begin by looking at the latter. Two common methods used are chemical coagulation and micro staining. Micro staining is a special kind of filtration procedure that uses filters made from stainless steel wires with extremely fine pores, enabling the filter to remove very fine particles. On the other hand, coagulation alters the particles so that they adhere to one another. After this, there is the process of filtration, and often ultra filtration is used, which includes filtering molecules of specified weight and size, and is often used for clarification, sterilisation, waste water treatment. Another option is Nano filtration. What about the removal of dissolved solids? Reverse osmosis can be applied to the treatment of waste water in pharmaceutical and organic chemical industries, metal-finishing industries, outflows containing electro phoretic paints, latex, and oily emulsions, as well as outflows containing colourings with their possible recovery. The other option for dissolved solids is ion exchange. Of course, this merely scratches the surface of the advanced treatment options that are available.

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