Waste Water Treatment

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      Waste Water Treatment – What Are Your Options?

      Waste water treatment choices are vital for properties where connections to the main public sewers are unavailable. This may be because your property is too distanced from the sewerage system to be connected or there may be other factors that make waste water treatment on-site your best option. There are two major ways of disposing of foul water from your property – septic tank systems and sewage treatment plants. While septic tanks are mainly a storage device, treatment plants are more sophisticated. Professional companies specialising in drainage solutions will be able to explain your options in detail and advise which system is most suitable for you and your property.


      Septic Tank Systems As Drainage Solutions

      Domestic waste water treatment is achieved in part by septic tank systems. They don’t biologically treat the water, instead serving as a holding place for solids. As such, they require regular emptying and maintenance. One of the benefits of septic tanks, though, is that they are the most cost effective solution to your drainage issues. The septic tank chambers separate out the solids from waste water and then discharge this water into a soakaway. Set up correctly, this system will ensure that no polluted water makes its way into the water table. However, there are also things that can go wrong, as with any drainage system. Tanks can become polluted if the pipe splits and the chambers are combined. It’s also important that the tank and soakaway combination are able to successfully manage the volume of water and waste required of them. If they can’t, the result may be backed up drains, leaching and pollutants being spread into the area around the soakaway. The fact that they need regular emptying is also a downside. However, a septic tank installation may still be the most effective way for you to dispose of foul water and waste from your property. To find out for sure, consult a professional. They’ll be able to explain the differences between the various types of drainage solution and work out which waste water treatment solution is right for you. They will also be able to advise on more advanced systems, such as those for industrial waste water treatment.


      Treatment Of Waste Water with Sewage Treatment Plants

      A popular solution to drainage problems are sewage treatment plant. The treatment of waste water they provide ensures that sewage is treated on-site and they are generally used when a septic tank and accompanying soakaway aren’t a viable option. Sewage treatment plants are self-contained units which treat the foul waste by using naturally occurring bacteria. This type of waste and water treatment must be installed by a professional to guarantee that it is secure and complies with all regulations relating to the discharge and treatment of waste and water. There are many different models of sewage treatment system available on the market from suppliers such as Klargester and BioRock. By dealing with a drainage company used to working across different brands, you’ll be assured that the solution suggested is the right one for you. This isn’t something that’s always the case when you deal with companies only used to fitting one or two specific models. Ideally, you’ll want to be looking for a company that can supply the entire package from beginning to end. Starting with design all the way through to final installation, you require a company which is transparent about its processes. In addition to this, it’s vital that all required licences and permissions are obtained from the relevant authorities. Choosing a local drainage engineering firm will guarantee that they have experience in dealing with the admin side of things and hopefully speed up the process. One such company is Environmental Drain Services Ltd.


      Find Your Ideal Waste Water Treatment Solution With Environmental Drain Services Ltd

      For expert waste water treatment advice, contact Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We don’t just offer drainage solutions, we also ensure that the solution we’re supplying is the correct one for you. We deal with everything from blocked drains up to the installation of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, along with everything in between. We’re proud of our reputation in our sector and we employ only the best engineers and customer service professionals to ensure that every client is satisfied. You can find out more about our ethos and services by visiting http://s963370367.websitehome.co.uk or by calling direct on 01202 821340.

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