Grey Water Treatment

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      Grey Water Treatment – Dealing With Grey Water

      Grey water treatment is something you may be interested in finding out more about in relation to your home or business. The good news is that most grey water is a lot easier to treat and recycle compared with sewage, which is known as black water. This is because of the lower level of contaminants found within grey water.

      You can recycle domestic grey water directly within your business, garden or company, so long as you collect it using a separate plumbing system from sewage. This water can then be processed and stored or it can be used immediately. If you do decide to store the water, please note that it must be used within a very short time frame, otherwise it will start to putrefy because of the organic solids within the water. One thing that should be noted is that you should NEVER drink recycled grey water. However, you can use this water for flushing toilets or washing, so long as it has gone through a number of treatment steps. In principle, these treatment processes are the same as those utilised to treat sewage. The only difference is that they are installed on a decentralised level, typically at building or household level. The two options you have at your disposal are mechanical systems and biological systems. Mechanical systems include lava filter systems, sand filtration and systems based on UV radiation. Biological systems include more compact solutions like membrane bioreactors, as well as living walls, bioreactors, and constructed wetlands.

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