Restaurant Grease Trap Installation

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      Restaurant Grease Trap Installation – A Must For All Commercial Kitchens

      Restaurant grease trap installation is a necessity. It does not matter whether you run a busy commercial kitchen, or have a café that produces a small selection of dishes, a grease trap is something you cannot afford to overlook. Read on to find out more.

      Grease traps are designed to reduce the amount of fat, grease, and solid organic waste that ends up in your local sewer system. This can help to boost the overall environmental performance of your commercial kitchen. In fact, there are many benefits associated with going down this route. Just imagine the disaster that would strike if your drains were blocked. Not only would you need to pay for an expensive call-out service, but also a foul smell is likely to descend upon your restaurant, which certainly won’t impress your customers! You will also experience business disruption as you need to close your restaurant until the problem is resolved. You can avoid all of this through grease trap installation. Not only this, but you will experience better environmental performance as a result of improved wastewater discharge quality. Most companies offer a warranty with grease trap installation, ensuring you are covered for years to come. Grease traps are easy to maintain; they are quick to clean and inspect, meaning they won’t cause any inconvenience to the day-to-day running of your business. All in all, grease traps are a must for restaurants, commercial kitchens, takeaways, bakeries, pubs, bars, cafés, hotels, and any other type of food-related business.

      If you are interested in restaurant grease trap installation, look no further than Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We have an excellent reputation in the industry, having provided grease traps for a wide range of clients. We also have many other drainage solutions available, including septic tank installation and drain CCTV. For more information, check out our website:

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