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      Septic Tank Installation – Learn About Septic Tanks

      Septic tank installation is one of the more common drainage solutions for disposing of foul waste water. Typically, these tanks are underground, allowing waste to collect and then be broken down by bacteria before the remaining water is allowed to drain away via a soakaway. They are an effective way of disposing of household waste water and are used primarily in areas where there is no suitable connection to a public water main. They require regular emptying and servicing by professionals to avoid problems, which can include blocked drains and leaching effluent. Always trust experts when it comes to septic tank or grease trap installation and repair.


      Drainage Solutions For You – What Does A Septic Tank Do?

      A septic tank can also be known as a cesspit. These tanks will have one or more chambers which discharge excess water through to a soakaway. There are several materials that can be used for septic tanks including brick, concrete and fibreglass models. Put simply, septic tanks collect and retain all solid waste from a drainage system; and therefore unsurprisingly, they require emptying of the solids periodically. It’s not usual for septic tanks to treat the waste with any purposely added bacteria or chemicals. Instead, a septic tank in a modern home is considered to be a holding tank, with the biological breakdown of foul water largely taking place in an associated soakaway. The soakaway is a vital part of the system as the sewage collected in the septic tank discharges through to this ‘chamber’, instead of finding its way into local water sources such as ditches, streams or rivers. If this latter happens, you may be liable for prosecution. This is why it’s incredibly important to only allow experienced drainage engineers to design and install a septic tank system. Prior to allowing any septic tank installers to undertake work on your property, ensure they have a full grasp of drainage systems by asking plenty of questions about the type of cesspit installation solution they’re suggesting. It’s also wise to research and be clear about the type of problems that can occur with septic tanks so that you know how best to deal with your home drainage system.


      Common Types Of Septic Tank Problems

      Septic tank problems are unavoidably common due to the nature of drainage systems. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate such problems and it’s important to be aware of the major issues that can occur. As already noted, septic tanks require emptying on a regular basis, usually once a year. However, if you’re finding that you need to empty the tank more frequently, it is a sign that the septic tank and soakaway are not functioning properly together. In this situation, you need to seek advice from drainage professionals. Another common issue is blocked and backed-up drains in the home that may come with foul smelling water. This can be a sign that your drains were not installed correctly or that the soakaway is unable to deal with the volume of water produced by the property. Other ways you’ll know whether the soakaway is working include effluent leaching to the surface or out of manholes, a clear sign that the system isn’t functioning as it should. Failure within the septic tank itself can also be an issue. For instance, if the T pipes are missing or damaged, solids are able to pass into the soakaway, reducing its working life and causing problems further back in the system. Reputable companies supplying septic tank installation UK wide will be happy to answer your questions and correctly install your system. If you’re searching for effective and efficient septic tank installation, contact Environmental Drain Services Ltd, one of the UK’s premier installers of septic tanks.


      Trust In Environmental Drain Services Ltd For Your Septic Tank Installation

      At Environmental Drain Services Ltd, we have over 20 years of experience in septic tank installation and other drainage solutions. When you contact us to advise on your new installation, you’ll receive a personal service based on the requirements of your drainage system. We’ll install a septic tank and soakaway best suited to the needs of your household, ensuring that it is as robust as possible. We’ll also advise on maintenance and what to do if you notice problems within the system. To learn more, call us on 01202 821340 or visit our website at, where you can contact us via email.

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