Septic Tank Problems

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      Septic Tank Problems – Common Problems With Septic Tanks

      Septic tank problems vary considerably from site to site, and it is important to make sure that a site is suitable for septic tank installation. In this post, we reveal some of the most common septic tank issues that you should be aware of.

      One of the most common issues is ponding and leaching effluent. If the waste cannot be discharged quickly by the soakaway, the effluent may leach to the surface or out of the manholes, which is a clear indication that the system has failed. Backed up and blocked drains are also an evident indication that there is a problem. This can be a sign that the soakaway is not able to effectively discharge the volume of water that is produced from the property into the ground every day, or that there are poor quality drain runs. Another common issue experienced is when the tank needs emptying on a frequent basis. If you find that the drains are full of sewage and you need to empty the tank other than on the routine basis, it is an indication that the septic tank and soakaway are not working properly. A dropped or collapsed baffle, or missing T pipes can also cause issues, as they enable solids to pass into the soakaway, which reduces the working life and efficiency of the soakaway. When such problems occur, it is important to contact drain specialists, as they can advise on the best drainage solutions going forward. This could be a repair, or they may decide to replace your septic tank with another, more appropriate, drainage system.

      If you are experiencing any septic tank problems, Environmental Drain Services Ltd can assist. We will advise you on the best route forward. In some cases, it is better to replace the septic tank with a sewage treatment plant, which is an effective, modern and environmentally friendly alternative. To find out more about our drainage solutions, head to:

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