Septic Tank Soakaway Construction

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      Septic Tank Soakaway Construction – An Introductory Guide

      Septic tank soakaway construction may be something you are considering for your home or business. This type of system has two functions. Firstly, it utilises aerobic soil bacteria, which occurs naturally, to purify the effluent. Secondly, it disperses the purified liquid into the soil.

      It is important to recognise that not all sites are suitable for septic tank soakaway construction. You need to pass three key tests in order to be able to install a septic tank soakaway, and 60 per cent of sites in the United Kingdom do not pass the three mandatory tests. So, what are these tests? Firstly, the site must contain soil that passes the percolation tests, meaning the soil should not be too heavy or too sandy. Secondly, the site must pass the trial site assessment hole test. Thirdly, the site cannot be an Environment Agency Groundwater Source Protection Zone. If you have passed the three tests mentioned above, the next step is to determine the size of the drainage field or soakaway system. There are two key factors to consider here. Firstly, you must consider the size of the property and the number of residents that live there. Please note that a septic tank is only allowed for a population of 15 people maximum. The second factor to take into consideration is the porosity of the soil. There are also minimum distances that need to be adhered to. The soakaway must be at least two metres from the boundaries, 15 metres from the building, 10 metres from the watercourse, and 50 metres from the water abstraction point.

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