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      Soakaway Construction – Soakaways Explained

      Soakaway construction is an integral aspect of many drainage solutions systems. The make-up of a soakaway is fairly simple, but it is how it fits into the rest of a planned drainage system that is important. Soakaways are often used in conjunction with septic tanks for domestic installations, although they are also used to remove surface water from areas. To fully understand how a soakaway will work in your particular circumstances, it’s important to consult specialists who deal with soakaway construction on a regular basis. DIY options may have an adverse effect on your overarching drainage system, so do proceed with caution.


      Drainage Solutions – Why Construct A Soakaway?

      A soakaway system combines with other drainage equipment to ensure safe removal of water from your property. Used in conjunction with a septic tank, the soakaway allows the dispersal of waste water; while the tank stores solids. The tank and soakaway method is used when there is no connection to a sewerage main available and is one of the most cost effective solutions to drainage conundrums. However, they can also be used to combat waterlogged drives and gardens, along with other standing water locations which may be threatening your property. For instance, if you install a new driveway on your land, you’ll find that surface water issues must be dealt with prior to construction. A soakaway drainage system or sewer connection in these circumstances ensures that the surface water isn’t being discharged into the main sewers and indeed is often a vital part of driveway construction. Soakaway construction is standardised and regulated so, in order to construct one within these regulations, you should always seek assistance from professionals. Only drainage engineers with extensive experience in installing soakaways will be able to guarantee compliance, as well as delivering a soakaway system that works efficiently for your needs. Often, if you’re looking to install both a septic tank and soakaway, your options for qualified and suitable professional engineers in your area will be more limited. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about your overall drainage system and how the soakaway will fit into it. Professional companies won’t mind answering all your questions.


      What Should You Expect When Installing A Soakaway?

      Soakaways are simple in concept. They are essentially a hole in the ground which is filled with rubble and rough stone. It allows surface water back into the land without causing an environmental hazard. There are ground considerations when it comes to installing a soakaway, as not all types of land are able to have a soakaway construction within it. For example, the soil around the hole must be granular and be able to effectively drain away the excess water. You can’t build a soakaway in clay, for instance, as the water simply will not disperse. If this is the make-up of the soil near your property, engineers will probably suggest that you opt for a sewage treatment plant instead of a septic tank and soakaway combination. Soakaway installation also needs to be handled with care, especially when used in conjunction with a septic tank. Over time, small amounts of solids will build up within the soakaway and so will eventually render it unable to discharge water effectively. This can lead to drainage problems further down the line. By seeking professional installation, your construction team should be able to mitigate such problems by situating the soakaway in the best place possible and setting it up correctly. A soakaway really is the crux of such a drainage system, reliant as you are on it discharging excess water without falling foul of regulations and other issues. Don’t take any chances: instead, put your trust in a professional company such as Environmental Drain Services Ltd.


      Soakaway Construction Provided To You By Environmental Drain Services Ltd

      For expert soakaway construction each and every time, contact Environmental Drain Services Ltd. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing drainage solutions of all varieties and we are especially adept at developing soakaways in conjunction with septic tanks. We understand how vital a well running drainage system is to your daily life, and with our engineers, you’re in safe hands. We approach every job as a fresh challenge and never try for a one size fits all approach. Call us on 01202 821340 to learn more or visit our website at and email us with any queries.

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