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      Sewer Connection Services – Things You Need To Know

      Sewer connection options are required for new builds and properties requiring new connections to the sewer. These properties may have had private drainage solutions traditionally, or there may have been undertakings for a new public sewer. When you’re looking to install a new sewer connection, you need to hire a contractor who is not only experienced in installing sewer connections but who also knows the regulations in your area. There will also be costs involved in addition to connecting the main itself. Your local authority will generally charge fees; and the connection will have to be inspected prior to the final authorisation.


      Find Your Drainage Solutions With Sewer Connections

      If you require a new sewage connection or soakaway construction, you’ll need to hire an experienced sewer connection specialist. Most properties are already connected to the sewerage mains in their area, but there may be circumstances where households are not. It’s not uncommon for remote properties, as an example, to rely on septic tanks or sewerage treatment plants. These may be brought onto the mains if other properties are built in the area and a public sewer becomes operational. It’s also an option to connect to these mains at a later date by negotiating with your local authority. The type of connection will depend on how you will be connecting to mains drainage and this depends on the location of your drainage system in relation to the mains. For example, if a lateral connection was provided when the sewer was constructed, then this will be how you connect to the sewer. If not, the connection will need to be made direct to either the sewer pipe itself or through a manhole. As a consequence, there will be costs incurred relating to this interference with existing infrastructure. It’s generally preferable to be connected to the mains wherever possible rather than using other forms of waste water disposal or treatment. It requires less maintenance than the other options. For example, you will no longer need to annually empty and service a septic tank or sewerage treatment plant, with all the costs and trouble that may incur. This is why many people elect to be on the mains if at all possible.


      How To Choose Sewer Connection Contractors

      As with all drainage and sewerage works, it’s important that you hire the right company to assist with your new connection. Generally, what you’re looking for from sewer connection contractors is experience. By choosing expert engineers, you’ll not only be guaranteed an excellent service underground, they’ll also be adept at dealing with the administration above ground. There can be plenty of hoops to jump through when you’re looking at connecting to mains sewage pipes. Different water authorities and councils have different rules on how to go about applying and installing your new connection. For instance, some of them will insist on making the final connection themselves, even though you’ll be expected to source and install the rest of the new system prior to this. There can also be some confusion over which type of connections are allowed, including whether a pump station is permitted as part of your system. Therefore, it’s always best to trust to professionals who have worked in your local area for many years and have experience in dealing with the red tape that can be involved. Ideally, you’re looking for a company that can not only demonstrate its experience but also has the relevant qualifications and certifications to make the connections. They’ll need to be up to date with health and safety legislation, for example, along with carrying the correct documentation to work on public highways. For expert and stress free sewer connections, choose a professional company of drainageengineers such as Environmental Drain Services Ltd.


      Your Sewer Connection Delivered By Environmental Drain Services Ltd

      Put your trust in Environmental Drain Services Ltd when you need to connect your drains to the main sewers. We have over 20 years’ experience in sewer connection and other drainage solutions. We know that it can be a difficult process if undertaken by those with less experience than us, and we always endeavour to put our clients first every time. We also know that honesty and transparency about the process are worth a great deal. If you want to learn more about our professional ethos, contact us today via our website at You can also call 01202 821340 and speak to us direct.

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