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      Sewer Connection To Main Line – Your Responsibilities

      Sewer connection to main line may be something you are interested in for a number of reasons. Perhaps there is a new sewerage system in your local area? Or, maybe you want to sell your house and have been told that connecting to the mains drainage system will boost your chances of a sale?

      No matter which applies, if you are interested in public sewer connection, it is important to be aware of your responsibilities. There are three main parties involved when it comes to connecting to a main line drainage system: the Water Authority, you, and your contractor. Knowing your role and what will be expected of you is vital. Firstly, you will have some fees that you need to pay. This may include application expenses, which you will pay to the Water Authority, as well as infrastructure charges if applicable. You then need to pay the company you turn to for drainage solutions, as they will provide the drain work that is needed to connect your property to the public sewerage system. You don’t only have financial responsibilities; you also need to obtain Building Regulation approval and permission from any landowners that are impacted by your proposed work. You will need to fill in the application form provided by the Water Authority in question and submit it with any supporting documents required. Finally, your contractor will need to complete and submit a ‘Request for permission to carry out works on a public sewer’, and you need to ensure they do this before starting work.

      Now you know more about your responsibilities when it comes to a sewer connection to main line. We at Environmental Drain Services Ltd promise that we will uphold all contractor responsibilities. To discuss your unique requirements, give us a call on 01202 821340, email, or view our website at

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