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      Soakaway System – What Is A Soakaway?

      Soakaway system; this is something you may have heard about, but you may not be completely sure regarding what it is. It is one of the more popular drainage solutions in the UK. Read on for more information about it.

      A soakaway is designed to allow surface water to percolate back into the earth, close to where it falls. It is essentially a hole dug into the ground, which is filled with coarse stone and rubble. It may sound simple, but soakaway construction is a lot more complex than this, as there are many different factors that need to be considered. The soil surrounding the soakaway must have good drainage properties and be granular. The size of the soakaway also needs to be considered, and there are regulations that must be adhered to as well. A soakaway is not to be used on its own; it is part of a full drainage system, providing a low-environmental impact and efficient way of dealing with surface water, also known as storm water, rain water, and run-off. The reason why a soakaway is considered better for the environment when compared with other solutions is because fewer materials are used. Moreover, the drainage system handles the surface water in the area where it is occurring, which means that there is no need to add to overburdened council sewerage and drainage systems. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, and the surface water is less likely to become polluted before returning to the ground.

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